Ghana Individual Products & Services

For our African customers, these are some of our individual support services to help you get the exact assistance you need.

Domain name registration.
We will work with you to determine the best Internet domain name available. We then register it in your name, so you remain the legal owner.
Initial registration: $20.00
Annual renewal: $20.00
If you need quality photography for your product or service we can provide a low cost solution. At our offices or on-site.
Per photo taken $0.50
(plus transportation
if applicable)
We provide an image scanning service to assist you with any material that is not already in digital form.
Per image $0.70
Data Entry
We can assist in getting your information into electronic form. Price may vary depending on condition of the source material.
per 1,000 words: $5.00
Custom Work
Customizing, support and programming that goes beyond categories outlined above may be billed at hourly rates. We will keep you informed in the case this applies. Our online billing system is available 24 hours a day so you can see progress at any time. (Prices shown are typical.)
Image processing: $20.00
Programming: $60.00
Site Editing: $20.00