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To help you know the best course of action, contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your goals and how best to meet them.

You can get started on your own for free. All the popular Linux distributions have helpful introductory page where you can learn begin. RedHat Linux has the Fedora Project. Others include CentOS, Ubuntu, and many others.

It can take time to even decide which distribution to try first and which options to use. And, unlike commercial systems, there is a wealth of information online which also takes time to evaluate.

Having the experience of Zorin on hand can save you time with issues like these.

New User Special
For home users: system build + 3 hours for $150
(plus hardware)
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Home Users

One of our goals is to help casual computer users discover the benefits of using Linux. We therefore offer lower cost services for users who mainly need help setting up, advice, and pointers on what programs to use. Please see our specials page for current packages.

Business Users

We are happy to discuss ways we can most efficiently work with your business. Rates are negotiated based on many factors such as our level of involvement and to what degree we are on call, which we can discuss. Contact us or call (206) 282-6061 with what you need and we will be happy to negotiate terms and pricing tailored for your situation.

Doing Business with Zorin

Your zorinco.com login gives you access to several tools to keep you informed, and communicate with Zorin staff on your project and account information. Our online task manager helps keep priorities in order and clearly communicated. Our online Punchit tool allows you to see, in real time, all current charges with descriptions, so you are always informed. Some customers in the past have even used our Punchit service to bill their own clients. On request, we can also provide automated information on a periodic basis. Each month, you will receive a bill electronically detailing any activity that month. Then, you just need to call or email any time you need assistance.

We can accept payment by check, direct-deposit, Visa or MasterCard.

Call on us!

Call us to find out the best plan of action to get you on the path to Linux! We can discuss your computing priorities, and give you suggestions on steps to take and other things you can do to become comfortable with open source software.

Call us at (206) 282-6061 or use our contact form.
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