Ewe Language Guide

The Ewe language is activly spoken in the SouthEastern parts of Ghana and part of Togo. Ewe is a tonal language and changes in meaning can be brought about by tonal differences. It has a number of peruliar consonants and diagraphs.

Six of the letters in Ewe do not appear in western languages. The international encoding standards generally do not allow for these letters. Also, in Ewe the western letters C, J and Q are not used. For this reason, many words are shown in the proper form as a graphic, plus the common way to type this in e-mail or otherwise on typical computer keyboards.


Written Typed English source
Mia ga do go Goodbye SB
Wezon this is the correct way to welcome in Ewe SB
Belatchere Good bye SB
Nkekea nenyon Have a good day SB
Fienawo Good evening SB
Baba Sorry EB
Akpe ne wo Thank You EB
Mede ku ku Please EB
Baba Sorry EB
E nyon nyon ge It shall be well SB
No ani Sit down EB
Afeta la fo hee The lord has risen EB
Afon yami va va Indeed, the lord has risen EB
Afwa How are you? EB
Aboa Are you back? EB
A mabo Yes, I am back. EB
Yo I agree EB
Eh No (disagree) EB
A Yes EB
Apomoto How is your household? EB
Endo Fine. EB
Ele neda Are you well? EB
Wede General greeting for someone returning from a short trip - to a person EB
Miewede General greeting for someone returning from a short trip - to many people EB
Ieko greeting to someone working EB
Akpe meleo Thank you, but no. EB
Enyo Good (or that's plenty) EB
Woletsia Will you bath? EB

Household Items

Written Typed English source
Etsi Water EB
Aha a drink EB
Deha Palm wine EB
Akpetesie Ghanian moonshine (distilled palmwine) EB
Ator Apple EB
Eto Mortar EB
Tati Pestle EB
Evu Drum EB


Written Typed English source
Go Dzo EB
Come Va EB
Run Sedu EB

Common Phrases

Written Typed English source
Me su akpe or
Akpe me leo
your are welcome or it's my pleasure or it's ok SB
Onko wo de What is your name? EB
Babalo I am sorry for you. EB
Vamidunu Come and let's eat EB
Edia Do you like this food? EB
Nyemediwo I don't want it or I don't want you (go away) EB
Fika netso Where do you come from? EB
Ma va fifia I will come right now? EB
Edo le wunye I am hungry EB
Me gbor Just a minute EB
Meyi anyimlonfe I am going to sleep EB
Ele afifia tom Are you sweating? EB
Eyi gbedeka I will hear from you one day SB


Written Typed English source
Mawu God? EB
Nyadede Greeters http://www.humnet.ucla.edu/humnet/aflang/ewe/"

Unknown - need translation

Written Typed English source
Efor na mi vava
Mawu yra wo
Enye dzidzi nam
Wo linyuie Ola?

Nearby languages

Written Typed English source
Akawaba Welcome (Twi) EB


SBSalihou Boukari, Cape Coast, Ghana
NANoah Agbele, Jordan Nu, Ghana
EBEmmanuel Buamah, Jordan Nu, Ghana