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It all started back in 1994. While looking for a control system for a project we were working on, we got hooked up with the Seattle Robotics Society. Marvin Green's BOTBoard fit the need at the time, which we liked so much, that we started selling kits based on his board. Zorin's microcontroller products business was born.

Zorin's first kit

In 1995, we decided to create our own board, the ModCon, which offers more memory and easier expansion. It was also necessary to set a standard for our new add-on products, and the extra memory is necessary for some of the new systems that are being created.

In addition to our stock products we occasionally take on projects for some of our customers. We generally may get involved where a product is being created. More specifically, we can provide:

Research - We help you decide how to solve a problem & pick components

Engineering - We can provide schematics, documentation and artwork

Custom manufacturing - We provide silk-screen, fabrication, cable and other services

Programming - We can write the software to drive your project.

Send us basic details about your project and we can give you a basic idea of the hours involved. Normally work is done on an hourly basis. We also ask for 50% of the estimate in advance in order to start work.

When quantities of a custom design are required, we can research the options available to meet your requirements. We have in-house capabilities for electronics, hardware and software design. We can work with other organizations for -house work.

Zorin's president, Christopher Nielsen has 25 years' experience in many areas of computers and electronics design and product development. Mr. Nielsen has held positions designing PH analyzers for industry, programming Unix kernels, Internet networking and administration, interactive voice programming. Electronics has always been a hobby as well and there's always something to control or get information from.

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