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Zorin offers electronic design services that allow you to extend your capabilities to real world devices.

These pages contain examples of some past designs that became standardized products, (now available on a project consulting basis).

ModCon Image ModCon HC11 Microcontroller 

The ModCon features 32K RAM and stacking bus connectors. Suitable for many applications from learning to OEM, the ModCon is the new standard in modular controller technology! Create animated art, robots or automated controls with our servo motors.

Digital Input &
Event Processing System

Use this to take actions based on alarm sensors, pushbuttons and other inputs. Build up powerful event processing systems with this hardware/software combination. 16 fully opto-isolated inputs trigger user processes using interrupt driven event queueing system.

Digital Input Board Image

SPI-X10 Image SPI-X10 Controller 

Control lights in your house or any other X-10 devices through the simple SPI interface. External 24-key keypad may be used as a general purpose keypad or directly control X-10 devices as well.

MIDI Gizmo 

Our MIDI-Gizmo add-on turns the HC11 into a MIDI device able to decode, process, store and produce MIDI codes. The Software is included on the HC11 for a 4-button MIDI trigger that stores and plays back MIDI Sequences. Use your own software to create any type of intelligent MIDI interface.

MIDI Gizmo Image

AudioBoard Image Audio Record/Playback Board

Our Audio Board add-on can record and play back up to 90 seconds of analog audio and may be precisely queued for multiple messages. This board can record your voice or other sounds and play them back under pushbutton or microprocessor control.

ModCon Prototyping Boards 

The ModCon Proto board is designed to stack on top of or under the ModCon or even be connected by ribbon cable if vertical space is limited. Stack em' as high as you like!

ModCon Proto Image


We carry a full range of accessories and extra parts to help you get the most benefit from our board level products.

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