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Network & Server architecture & installation

Designing networks and infrastructure has been one of our specialties over the years. From designing the network and pulling the wires to establishing a central database and writing web based business applications, we offer complete technical services for your business.

We also build Linux servers and workstations complete with an extensive array of software ready to run. From image manipulation and multimedia to Internet tools and server software these systems are complete solutions - and all free of royalty costs. With over 22 years of Unix and Linux experience, we can really help you get the most out of these systems.

On this page are some of the many examples of how we continue to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us to find out how we can most efficiently meet your organizations needs.

Low cost and flexible routers

Many networks use off the shelf network firewalls or routers. However, as technologies change, often the fixed router products can become obsolete, and new equipment must be purchased. While using Linux for networking functions however, the software can be updated anytime and even be managed remotely.

When cost is a factor, we can use older personal computers to be the network router, which can easily handle the workload. You gain a full featured network router for the cost of discarded equipment.

Over the years we have been maintaining these firewalls for clients around the country. We often reconfigure them remotely and this has been a proven method offering flexible routing and network controls. We can help you design a network layout that offers multi-zone security while allowing access for those who need it.

We can implement technologies such as tunneling form virtual private networks (VPNs) to allow access to organization resources securely from outside, such as from home networks or laptop users on the road.

Database System Design

Database design has been central to many of the projects we have completed. It is important to design the database for efficiency without being needlessly complex. Database reliability is also an important factor which we typically handle through automatic backups or database replication to separate computers.
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