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Selected Articles

Custom Software Development

Over the years we have been involved in some significant Internet and business applications. Here we offer a few highlights to illustrate the innovative ways we have exceeded client expectations.

Shopping Cart Systems

A common need today is for automated order placement online. Zorin produces custom shopping cart systems using our own software libraries developed over the years. We have developed our own shopping cart and inventory management system, which can be adapted for many types of shopping sites. We have integrated customer systems with PayPal to simplify the process of accepting credit card payments.

Content Management Systems

In conjunction with RubyStudio, LLC, we have developed and continue to operate several automated content management systems in the academic and publishing fields. Authors and editors of online content use these systems for creating and managing articles and publishing them on public web sites.

On-line Secure Document Management & Automation

One of our major recent projects has been development and operations of a secure document management and electronic signature system for one of the largest shipping companies in the business. As part of this service we developed a system to process and deliver inter-bank bank statements for one of the largest banks in the country, helping to reduce postage and paper use for the bank. This included custom monitoring to ensure every step of processing was within normal limits with each days processing.

Resource scheduling systems

Zorin has been involved in some community projects. The most common need in this are is the scheduling of resources such as stages and volunteers for some local festivals. We have been involved in modernizing the scheduling system for the Northwest Folklife Festival which typically hosts 1000 performances and many stages over the Memorial day weekend.

For Seattle World Percussion Society, we developed, maintain and host the system they use to schedule the spring festival. The event attracts hundreds of percussionists from all over the world. All workshops and performances are free during the weekend event.

Online golf reservation system

An custom web system we created and was launched in 1996 allowed web site users to actually schedule golf games at courses around the country by communicating with point of sale terminals. A reservation system was part of the point of sale terminals had been installed at a handful of golf courses around the country.

Together with the reservation system developers we created a custom protocol and communication methods for real time interaction with the remote reservation systems. We worked with web designers for the look and feel, as well as the developers of the point of sale system. The web system was written in Perl, and used direct TCP socket connections with point of sale terminals to negotiate reservations for players.

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