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Electronics Design and Production

Zorin provides a full range of electronics services. Including circuit design and research, microcontroller programming, PCB assembly and product management. Here are some types of the projects created over the years.

You may have an interesting old lamp like this. Many can be found on popular internet auction sites or thrift stores. They suffer disuse because of unsafe wiring, harsh light and lack of modern control.

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Originally designed for in-house use, this board was developed for general purpose control. It features the Teensy 3.2 Arduino controller and extending it with a 1.4" TFT display, RS-485 and two mosfets for motor or other higher voltage devices.
Laser cutters and sometmes other equipment can require active (liquid) cooling. This Teensy 3.2 based board was created to interface with all the components of a liquid cooling system.
Designed for in-house use, this is an assembly based on the Raspberry Zero and camera. For better security, a hardwired Ethernet port is added, since this is lacking on the Zero boards. And in addition to image based motion detection, a hardwired PIR sensor is added.
An early range of products based around the Motorola HC11 Microcontroller. We sold as kits or assembled and tested HC11 boards and related products from 1995 through 2005. The ModCon controller featured an 14 pin SPI connector with 4 select lines, optional 32K SRAM and 4 servo motor ports.
Designed under contract for children with special needs. This low power product used a large matrix touch keypad with printed overlays. Instructors and caregivers could record and play back short phrases such as "I'm hungry" or "I want to go home".
There was a need to wind custom coils for a new project. This was built as an in-house tool to manage a DC winding motor while tracking wire length and number of turns.
This is part of a high power custom controller designed and built by Zorin for a local defense contractor.
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