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Audio Record/Playback Board

Add high quality audio to your project easily with ISD's solid state analog recording chips.

Record sound effects, speech or other audio with the built in microphone and play them back in faithful fidelity with the included speaker under pushbutton or microprocessor control.

Here is a close up look & more details.

Zorin's Audio Playback Board has many applications

Sound effects for robots

Audio prompts for user input devices

Audio status indicators

Announcer for public address systems

Memo taker

Gag telephone ringer

Pushbuttons can be connected directly to the board shown above for simpler projects. For more complex projects, the ModCon or other controller can be used to divide the audio space into many segments.

This board is designed to slide into the ZK5 case with room left over for the ModCon for professional applications. We have different versions of the ISD chip available. All will work with the Audio Playback Board. However, control methods vary among the available chips developed for different applications.

All Audio Playback Boards come with complete documentation detailing assembly, testing and applications information. Shipping & handling is not included in the prices below.

These products are now sold as part of consulting projects only.
For information on obtaining products you can contact us here.

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