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Digital Input Board

Use this digital input system and event processing software to automate your home, office or robot! Connect distant switch sensors, pushbuttons or other types of contact closure inputs to the opto isolsated inputs. Through the interrupt driven control software, it is easy to build responsive control systems without worry about responding to asynchronous inputs. The event processing software allows even the beginner to create sophisticated systems.

The Digital Input Board block diagram

Coupled with the Zorin's X-10 controller, (the SPI-X10 board or chip) a flexible and useful home control system can be built. Add additional interfaces to control your heating, irrigation and any other types of devices. Pushbuttons and other sensors placed around the home can even control your own "scene lighting" type system.

This Digital Input System is an excellent way to turn your simple microcontroller system into a powerful and responsive control system. Many Digital Input Boards can be used in a single system to provide endless expansion.

If the opto-isolation is not needed (in robotics applications for example) the circuit board is designed so that that section of the board can be cut off. Inputs are then connected to a 20-pin dual row header.

This board uses the simple serial interface known as SPI. It is designed to plug into Zorin's ModCon, although any controller or computer can be used that has the appropriate I/O lines available.

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