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MIDI Gizmo

An easy way to interface the HC11 to MIDI

The easiest and least expensive way to create a MIDI device. The MIDI Gizmo plugs directly into the ModCon controller. Many types of devices can be created using this combination such as:

Drum triggers

Pedal controllers

MIDI code translators

MIDI controlled robotic art

Retrofits for older keyboards

Real-world device MIDI interface

MIDI music loop for background

MIDI controlled fountain or art project?

The Zorin MIDI Gizmo is an electrical interface to our ModCon controller. Using the ModCon's SCI interface (normally used for RS-232), the MIDI Gizmo provides a standard MIDI interface, including opto isolated input.

Included on the ModCon support diskette is gizmo.asm, a program that creates a MIDI trigger device using four user supplied buttons. For each of the four buttons, a short MIDI sequence can be recorded, then played back when the button is pressed. Note on/Note off is supported, as well as a single sequence per button (doubling recording space).

From there you can add just about any input or output to expand your MIDI setup anywhere you want! Complete step by step assembly instructions guide you through construction to testing the MIDI Gizmo with clear schematics and support information.

Valuable reference information is also on the MIDI Gizmo's diskette. Documents containing messages from the Internet and other text references will help you with many ideas you may have.

If you are new to MIDI, you might want to check out Advanced MIDI User's Guide by R. A. Penfold, ISBN 1-870775-18-X. It's a handy reference on MIDI Codes and different kinds of setups.

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