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ModCon Prototyping Board

The ModCon Proto board allows you to easily add custom circuitry to the ModCon Microcontroller. Any number of Proto boards can be stacked together for a neat and compact package. Alternatively, ribbon cables can be used to connect the boards together for a flatter assembly. All the HC11's signals are available on the two stacking connectors. If the custom circuitry is no longer needed, just unplug it from the ModCon so the controller can be used for other purposes.

The ModCon Proto Board offers many features to make your life easier...

Unlimited stacking
Most HC11 signals available through stacking connectors
ModCon processor can be separated from old projects
Heavy ground and +5 conductors
Pin compatible with Motorola's EVBU boards using split cable
Overall board size 3" x 2.5"
ModCon and Prototyping Board inside Case

ModCon Proto with ModCon inside Case

The ModCon Proto board is sold with two connector options:

This board can be connected to the ModCon in several ways. It can be plugged on top of, or under the ModCon, giving immediate access to every useful signal on the HC11 microcontroller. Many of these boards can be stacked together for complex systems. Ribbon cables may also be used to connect boards if needed.

The Low Cost version is supplied with simple pin headers for the ModCon connectors. It can be plugged under the ModCon, but not on top because there is no socket to plug onto the top of the ModCon.

These products are now sold as part of consulting projects only.
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