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SPI-X10 Controller

Control Lights and household appliances
over simple serial SPI interface.

If you're interested in controlling things around the house, the X-10 system of dimmers, switches and controllers is a convenient method for most users. Using low cost wall units or plug in modules, virtually everything in the house can be controlled by sending signals over the power wiring already in your home.

When used with our Digital Input Board and the ModCon Controller, an expandable, open source home automation system can be built. Pushbuttons can be placed around the home to trigger lighting "scenes". Alarm sensors can light up your home to scare off trouble - and more!

Block diagram of the SPI-X10 board

Zorin's SPI-X10 board allows you to control any X-10 device from the ModCon (or any microprocessor) over the SPI bus. The SPI-X10 board also contains a keypad interface that can either be used to directly trigger X-10 device just like a standard X-10 controller. Or, by changing a jumper, an external keypad can be used separately as an input device for the host controller without triggering any X-10 transmissions. The host controller always receives the keycode of the key pressed.

The SPI-X10 can be used as a standalone controller

The SPI-X10 Board Kit includes SPI-X10 chip, PCB, PCB components and connecting cable. (Optional keypad not included). The X-10 line interface module TW-523 available separately (one of which is required).

With an external microcontroller, elaborate home automation systems can be built up from simple interface devices. The SPI-X10 controller is designed to be an integral part of a low cost, modular home automation system. Once connected to a microcontroller, many interesting capabilities are possible. For example, it becomes easy to add a photocell to the microcontroller so "evening" can be detected, and all the lights in the house can be set automatically. Or by adding an infrared sensor to the microcontroller, lights can be triggered when someone enters a room.

The optional keypad kit plugs directly into SPI-X10 using the included connector. Both legend inserts for standard X-10 functions and a blank one are included for defining your own functions. A stick-on bezel is included to make a professional appearance when applied to any flat surface.

The SPI-X10 kit includes the SPI-X10 PCB and all components, an X-10 Line interface module and connecting cable.

For technical details on the SPI-X10 click here.

NOTE: The SPI-X10 Kit requires either the PL513 or TW523 line interface module.

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