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General Purpose Controller

There is often a need for a general purpose controller, easy to hack and adapt for simple control tasks.

For example, watering plants and monitoring soil moisture for only a few summer months. Or a rig to assist with wire handling, such as cutting a large quantity of wire using a pulley with an optical sensor to count wire length.

The General Purpose board was created to have:
  • 1.4" color TFT backlight graphics display
  • PWM servo outputs (2)
  • higher voltage motor outputs (2)
  • touch sensor (button) inputs (3)
  • switch input connections (3)
  • RS-485 to allow for networked control
  • easily distributed 12VAC power
  • prototyping area for additional components
  • support for Teensy's real time clock

This may become a product in the future, since it meets a 'turn-key' need. For now, it's a physical experiment to explore different uses and a base to explore further development to meet wider needs.

General Purpose Board with display removed
Under the 1.4" display, are the power supply and mosfets for motor control.

The Teensy 3.2 board supports a real time clock. A coin cell socket is mounted on the back of the board to keep time during power off.

If you have a need for a similar platform, feel free to Contact us about your needs.

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